The kindness of strangers

It would take hours to send emails out to all of the wonderful people who sent me their best wishes, prayers, and advice regarding my father, so let me just start by saying thank you to all the readers and fellow bloggers who have sent along their regards. The last few days have been hard, but we are all getting through it.

For the record, my dad had a stroke late Friday night and was immediately rushed to a trauma unit. When I left him at 2AM he was sitting up talking and had limited usage of his left side, including the ability to use his left arm and hand to hold, and drink, from a cup. Later that morning he was transfered to a different hospital by ambulance and it is now thought that he may have had another stroke on the way or after his arrival while he slept. Because of this, he has lost the complete use of his left side. There are a lot more details that I won’t go into, but the good news is that there is a possibility that he may regain some of his abilities. We know that things will never be the same, never be normal again, so we just have to accept that this is the new normal.

It’s been hard for me this week because my wife and daughter are in Maui, and so I come home each day to an empty house and my thoughts…and Satchmo the Wonder Basset (that’s him snoring on the bed, right now). Your kind words have made this a lot easier on me. Thank you again.

I owe you.

Blogging will resume this afternoon or tonight. I got some stuff we need to talk about….



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