Using the Bush model

Mary Carey, who is running for Governor in California, must have picked up a few tricks from Karl Rove:

Porn actress Mary Carey, one of 135 candidates running for California governor, offered on Tuesday to go on a date with anyone offering her a hefty campaign contribution. But that is it, just a date,

Carey said she would offer a dinner date to anyone giving more than $5,000 (3,150 pounds) to her campaign that seeks to replace Gov. Gray Davis (news – web sites) if he is recalled by voters on October 7.

“As an independent, I don’t have a large political party backing me,” she said in a statement. “So I have to be creative and develop more unconventional methods of raising money.”

Asked if the date could lead to a sexual encounter, campaign aide Jayson Helgeson replied: “I don’t think so, that’s not part of it. It’s like a normal date.”

Yeah. A normal date that costs $5000. Nobody would expect sex for that kind of money. Nope.

But it is just like the Bush re-election drive. Big donors, and the only one getting screwed is the public…

(Note the photo of Carey with Gary Coleman, where the caption lets us know that she’s the one on the right. Yeah. I would have guessed that eventually…)



Yeah. Like I would tell you....