You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave.

Mo Dowd points out that Iraq is looking kind of quagmire-ish:

In yet another spun-up government document on Iraq, the White House listed 100 ways that things were going great in the 100 days we’ve been on the scene. The report burbled with gimcrackery about the “10 signs of better infrastructure” — days before an oil pipeline and then a water pipeline were blown up — and about soccer balls and science textbooks.

“Most of Iraq is calm, and progress on the road to democracy and freedom not experienced in decades continues,” it said. “Only in isolated areas are there still attacks.”

Even the Bush people, who tend to look at excruciatingly difficult problems and say no prob, were shaken by yesterday’s carnage, which delivered a terrible truth: just because we got Uday and Qusay, Iraqi militants are not going to stop blowing up Westerners. Even if we get Saddam, the resistance will no doubt keep at it, hoping the dictator will enjoy the carnage from paradise.

“The dynamics have really changed,” said an administration official on the reconstruction team. “Now we’re dealing with a guerrilla war, not terrorism.”

What ever made these people think that we could just waltz in there and these people would just roll over on their backs like a puppy? We are in their country and their region uninvited.



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