I’ll leave you with this for the weekend

Some months ago I mentioned that it had been a long time since I had heard a CD that was excellent from start to finish. That most CD’s these days were comprised of a few good songs and a collection of half-baked filler. From multiple people I got remarkably similar suggestions. One of them I mentioned some time back, Shivaree’s I Ought To Give You A Shot…, which is truly original and outstanding.

Last week I found a copy of the other suggested CD. Rabbit Songs by Hem. With radio music playlists the way they are, you may never hear Hem on the air, which is a shame because Rabbit Songs is one of the truly extraordinary CD’s to come out in years. Gorgeous instrumentation, arrangements that remind me of Good Old Boys-era Randy Newman filtered through Aaron Copland and performed by lusher sounding Cowboy Junkies. Don’t be put off by reviews describing it as soothing, there is way too much to listen to here.

Do yourself a favor and track a copy down.

You can find Hem’s website here.

Have a good weekend…



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