Getting your Bible shorts in a bunch

This week’s Lingua D’Ubaldi winner was submitted by Jo over at Democratic Veteran (which you should be reading everyday). We take you now to Bible Shorts where it sounds like English, but it could be speaking in tongues (only God knows, and he ain’t talkin’):

If we listen to the voice of God and turn according to His correction, we’re not going to be forced to sit on the ‘Naughty Mat’ until we decide to be good, but rather, the very act of turning and acknowledging that the Lord’s way is better than our own, and that His way is right while ours is wrong will already put us in a place where He is able to speak to us and work with us

This one is fun too:

We can do the right thing with the wrong heart and that counts for nothing with God yet with the right heart, we can offer but little yet God sees our intention was glorify Him and so, although it may seem to us that things have gone wrong, in reality, the Lord has been blessed.


God scratches his head and then goes to the refrigerator for another Zima wondering where he went wrong.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....