Mo Bloggin’

Mo Dowd on Blogs…but not the good ones.

John Kerry has given more grist to critics who label him aloof and insincere by assigning staff members to write his cheesy blog. (It’s like trying to prove you’re a sportsman by making an aide go fishing for you.)

His spokesman, David Wade, offered this edgy report from Concord, N.H., on Aug. 8: “I’m sitting in the studio at New Hampshire NPR listening to The Exchange — they’re asking John Kerry about his life, his service in Vietnam and his fight for veterans when he came home — it’s something I forget about, working for him every day, taking for granted the quality of the person leading this campaign.” In bold type, the blog breathlessly described a music store stop in Littleton, N.H., “where John Kerry treated press and customers to a couple of songs on the guitar!”

When the Kerry camp started the blog last week, rambunctious Dean supporters flooded the Kerry message boards with taunts. One Dean fan tallied all of Mr. Kerry’s missed Senate votes this year/

You’ll know when blogging is over when George Will writes about it.

“It is axiomatic that blogging leads to….blah blah blah…..”



Yeah. Like I would tell you....