I didn’t even know he was sick

Let’s not pick on Fox News for a few moments. Let’s pick on CNN instead:

The Los Angeles Lakers said Thursday that the team is considering traveling with two public relations representatives on road trips to field questions about the Kobe Bryant case. Team spokesman John Black indicated that a second spokesman might be necessary to deal with non-sports reporters who may want to focus on legal aspects of the case. The team’s unease may have been highlighted Thursday when a CNN reporter working on the Bryant case phoned the Lakers’ publicity office and asked to speak to legendary Lakers announcer Chick Hearn, who died a year ago.

Okay. Getting back to Fox. They employ this guy as a journalist, who says:

We could all learn a thing or two from Scott. More than a few of us spend more than a fair amount of time focusing on the bad news. It’s rampant in my profession. Take economic numbers — we tend to dwell on the lousy ones but ignore the good ones.

I guess it’s human nature. But it’s screwy human nature. Why focus on an employment report that, yes, did show 44,000 fewer jobs in July, but ignore the fact the unemployment rate separately went down?

Why stress that companies are laying off people, but dismiss another statistic out of the Institute for Supply Management, which reported its highest service sector reading since July 1997?

Why blather on about manufacturing jobs hurting, and not even report factory orders now soaring?

Why say corporate America’s still sucking wind, but fail to even add a paragraph about corporate earnings soundly beating estimates?

My point is there is no point. Negativism is rampant, and it’s killing us.

My friend Scott used to say that he avoided people who dismissed him because he argued they limited him. “Why be around someone who brings you down?” he would often tell me.

He was right then. He’s right now. We spend an inordinate amount of time reminding ourselves about the limitations in life instead of focusing on the grand possibilities in life. And we have no one but ourselves to blame.

So, if you or someone close to you have lost your job or are facing bankruptcy or have lost your medical benefits or face eviction or are worried about the vast deficts the administration is running up…well, don’t tell financial reporter Neil Cavuto.

We wouldn’t want to bum him out now, would we?



Yeah. Like I would tell you....