Great moments in retail

Okay. So this guy and his wife are standing in line at Blockbuster Video (that would be Mr & Mrs. tbogg) and the woman in front of us is talking to the young lady behind the counter. It seems that customer had rented a DVD that was nicked up and it wouldn’t play properly. When she discoved that it wouldn’t play, she called the store and informed them and they said they would refund her money. Here is where it gets good. She brings back the defective disk a day late…and they want to charge her the “extended viewing fee”. This is how it went, more or less:

Blockbuster Girl: Okay. I’ve given you credit for the rental and I applied it to the late fee, so that makes us even.

Customer: Sorry. What?

BBG: Well we said we would credit you for the rental, which we did, but you brought it back late so I have to charge you for that.

Customer: But we couldn’t watch the movie.

BBG: I know. That’s why we gave you a credit for the rental.

Customer: How can you charge me a late fee for a movie that we couldn’t watch?

BBG: Because you brought it back late.

Customer: But we still couldn’t watch it.

BBG: But you still had to return it on time….and you didn’t, so I’m applying the credit to the late fee.

Customer: Are you kidding me?

BBG: Nope. The DVD was late so I had to charge you for it.


BBG: But you STILL brought it back late.


Needless to say this went on for about five minutes. It was better than the movie we rented.

(Added): Jim at Rittenhouse has fun with bank. My wife, the banker, may not find this as amusing as I do.



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