The absolute, white-hot, blinding stupidity of Tim Graham

Tim Graham, the Short Bus Kid at The Corner, must have pictures of a naked Kathryn Jean Lopez in a cheap motel room with a lubed up and dog-collared Jonah Goldberg in order to land a paying job at NRO. How else to explain this:

NBC’s Katie Couric to Democratic consultant Darry Sragow this morning: “Let me ask you about his, his baggage, if you will. He’s admitted smoking marijuana, using steroids during his body-building career. He’s the son of a Nazi Party member. He said he was prejudiced before overcoming those feelings by working with the Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles and the Dean of the Center said an investigation of Schwarzenegger’s late father, conducted at the actor’s request, found no evidence of war crimes. Through his publicist he’s denied allegations published in Premiere magazine in March 2001, that he sexually harassed women and committed infidelity. All those things, are they gonna be front and center, Darry, if you, do you think in this campaign?”.

Yeah. We didn”t know anything about Clinton and Gennifer Flowers, and “draft dodging” and smoking dope before Clinton was elected in ’92. What a maroon. The other day Graham weakly tried to tie Clinton to some bad Kobe Bryant rape jokes. This guy has Clinton’s penis on his mind so much he must look like a friggin’ unicorn.

Oh wait. He’s a Brent Bozell cock-sniffer, the truffle pigs* of the right-wing. Why am I not suprised?

* My apologies to truffle pigs



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