When do we get to start being embarassed?

Would someone who plans to vote for him explain to me how Arnold Schwarzenegger is qualified to run the state with the worlds fifth largest economy?

By the way, he’s taken it down now, but at 3pm today Matt Drudge breathlessly announced that Schwartenegger wouldn’t run and would introduce Riordan as the “next Governor of California”, proving what we all know: Drudge pulls his “exclusives” out of his ass.

(Added): I think what really bugs me, as a Californian, is the fact that now I’ll feel compelled to write about this freak show that we call a recall. The simple fact is that the fringe rightwingers got a moron to fund the petition drive and yet have no legitimate candidate that represents their interests and stands a chance of winning. How stupid is that?

Republican stupid.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....