Hey. All the pieces of the puzzle are grey.

Reader Harry emails me to let me know that The Corner’s John Derbyshire has another sin to answer for besides wishing death on Chelsea Clinton and being a homophobe:

Following the bit in my July Diary about idleness, and my opinion that watching TV is a species of doing nothing, some readers wnat to know my own favored technique for “ridding myself of the day.” Well, the chance would be a fine thing; but I do occasionally slip into neutral for a half hour. My favorite way to do so is with a jigsaw puzzle. I am sorry: this sounds either infantile or senile, depending on your own experience of jigsaw puzzles, but I find them irresistible. Pretty much addictive, in fact–though fortunately I am blessed with superhuman powers of self-control. I have just finished (after a week of occasional half-hours) a lovely one: a 1,000-piece rendering of Thomas Kinkade’s “Flags Over the Capitol,” which I brought home from my trip to DC last week. Now, of course, I am suffering from post-jigsaw-ial tristesse. I note that the ranks of fellow addicts include the late great president Calvin Coolidge, who left a jigsaw puzzle (of George Washington) unfinished when he died.

The offending puzzle.

Words fail me. Taste failed Thomas Kinkade a long time ago…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....