No longer a girl…not yet playing Branson

Michael Ventre has a pretty entertaining post-mortem on the career of pop-tart Britney Spears. Here’s my favorite part:

The British Elle pictorial is the first admission that the Madonna thing isn’t happening for Britney, and in fact is unlikely to occur at all, so it’s time to move to Plan B. This strategy isn’t just restricted to photos. There is some reading to complement the cheesecake. In an accompanying article, Britney supposedly lashes out at Justin Timberlake, her former paramour, for the lack of chivalry he showed in publicly discussing their breakup and for putting a Spears lookalike in one of his music videos.

Here’s another mistake. Two pop stars should not have been dating in the first place. The pressure of knowing that all the fame and success could come to a screeching halt tomorrow, and probably even sooner than that, is too much to bear. There’s an old Hollywood saying: Two flashes in one pan just leaves more ashes.

There was a benefit concert in Toronto recently to rehabilitate tourism after the SARS scare. The event was headlined by the Rolling Stones. Somehow Timberlake got on the bill. Fans reacted to his set by pelting him with vegetables. If I were Britney, and I was tempted to reveal my heartbreak to a major magazine over a former pop star boyfriend who just got pelted with vegetables at a benefit concert, I see the big picture and resist the urge.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....