Smacking Santorum’s cold wet nose with a rolled-up newspaper

Josh Marshall takes on the phony claims of anti-Catholic bias by St. Santorum.

If you’re a secular humanist and opposed to abortion (Nat Hentoff, say), senators can vote against you because of your pro-life views. Or if you’re a Christian from a denomination that doesn’t take a clear stand against abortion (Episcopalians, say), they can do the same. But if you’re a Catholic who has down-the-line pro-life views, no senator can take a position on your nomination for any reason having to do with your stand on abortion.

That makes Catholics with ardent pro-life views a protected class. All a pro-life president would need to do would be to nominate only Catholics to the bench to stack the court with pro-life jurists. An anti-death-penalty president could do the same with religiously based opponents of capital punishment.

That stands everything we believe about the separation between church and state on its head.



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