Digging down deeper to get under the bar

Most of the writers over at The Corner qualify as not-ready-for-prime-time pundits in training. If it were baseball, it would be considered the Double-A level at best. Some of the recent additions, though, show that, when it comes to talent, they have scraped their way through the bottom of the barrel and are sorting through the various slugs that live in the darkness and the filth. Take Tim Graham for example straining to make a point or a joke or, well, who knows what the hell he’s doing. First post:

KOBE’S MESS [Tim Graham]
Somehow I don’t think Kobe would be supported by the media if he released mash letters written after the alleged assault, but that worked for the Clintonites against Kathleen Willey….Think of how much harder the media’s being on Kobe than on Juanita Broaddrick’s alleged attacker.
Posted at 09:44 AM

Carville might advise Kobe to say “It doesn’t affect the way I do my job. I can compartmentalize between my public life and my private life. Libido and leadership are often linked. Surely the NBA doesn’t need to suffer just to satisfy some Puritan, sheet-sniffing prosecutors. This is just a vast conspiracy by losers like Denver Nuggets fans.”
Posted at 11:06 AM

Yeah. We get it, Tim. Clinton, rape accusations, ha ha, you’re witty, and rape jokes are always a big hit around the frat house.

Makes you wish for the days (yesterday) when they were making light of lynchings…..



Yeah. Like I would tell you....