Babble-on by bus

Looks like the Your Lips Are Moving But We’re Not Listening bus tour starring administration supergroup, Evans, Chao, Snow, and Young (okay, I added Young on because it sounded good) isn’t playing to boffo reviews:

Anyone on the trip, which was a very un-Air Force One-like, two-day, six-city bus journey across Wisconsin and Minnesota (Ms. Chao dined on Tuesday night at Burger King), could see that the cabinet members charged with promoting the president’s tax cuts also heard a lot of anger from workers about foreign competition and laid-off relatives and friends.

“Right now I am very disillusioned with the Republicans’ policies,” said Michael Retzer, a Republican and a consultant to a supplier for Harley-Davidson. Mr. Retzer told Mr. Snow at a Harley plant near Milwaukee that he did not see how the tax cuts would stimulate the economy when so many consumers would spend the extra money on goods made overseas.

Later, in the kind of confrontation with a disgruntled citizen almost never seen on the president’s trips, Mr. Snow tangled with an unemployed software programmer at the drive-through at Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers in Wausau, Wis.

“He said, `But your tax cuts haven’t done anything for me,’ ” Mr. Snow recounted the next day to reporters, as the bus traveled through Minnesota. “And I said, `Well, now, let’s just take a second and talk about that.’ “

Of course, that won’t stop Snow from lying like a Fleischer when he sees President All Hat No Cattle in Texas:

As Mr. Snow put it, “I’m going to go back and tell the president, `Mr. President, I ran into a lot of people who asked me personally to express my gratitude to you for worrying and thinking about us.’ “

Looks like John Snow learned the lesson of Paul O’Neill. Good doggy, John. Roll over..fetch…sit…play dead. No, you play dead, not the economy…



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