Rush: My marriage is a sham

According to Rush Limbaugh:

Like most things, when it comes to cultural norms, there’s usually a simple reason to explain why they are what they are, why they have endured, and why they remain the best way to do things. There were dueling congresswomen debating this hotly on the Today Show Thursday morning, and the one who was pro-gay marriage, asked, ” If Michael and Roger want to go get married, how does that threaten my marriage?” How an individual marriage is threatened is not relevant at all. Nobody is saying individual marriages are going to be threatened. We’re talking here about an institution. When you boil it all down, there’s one answer, and there’s one word: Children.

Marriage is about raising children. That’s the purpose of the institution. Why else worry about illegitimacy? Why else worry about divorce? Why keep statistics on what happens to kids who are illegitimate? Michael and Roger are making a move based on adult desires, and marriage isn’t about that. I know in the first throes of marriage, you have all the wild passionate lust and love and the idea of sharing life with someone else and I’m not denying that. That’s all relevant and true, but eventually that couple become parents. That’s what it’s all about. There are exceptions to all this and I expect many of you to call up and say, “Oh yeah?” But go ahead. Give it your best shot.

So if marriage is all about raising children, then why is the childless Rush married for the second time?

According to this bio Rush’s first wife, with whom he had zero kids, tried multiple times to leave him before succeeding in leaving him five years into their marriage, proving that one of the talents he didn’t have on loan from God was the one that allowed him to satisfy a woman. In 1994 Rush married Marta Fitzgerald, a woman he met online (which explains so much). Again, we don’t hear the pitter pat of little Limbaugh cloven hooves.

It seems to me that if marriage is all about the kids, then Rush getting married makes about as mush sense as his getting his card from the Jockey Guild.

(Added:) It appears that I can’t read very well. The current Mrs. Limbaugh is the third to hold that title. There was a three year marriage to the first Mrs. Limbaugh that I passed over.

Also, it appears that there is a movie out regarding current wife Marta. You can read about it here.



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