Initial public offering

Having spent the greater part of this week reading quite a few blogs I had never read before, I thought it might be a good idea to start offering a weekly award for a blog post that stretches both the English language as well as patience of the reader. In other words, we’re looking for someone who writes like they had a 50%-off coupon from The Adjective Store and couldn’t wait to use it. It should come as no surprise that this was inspired by the logorrhea of the Bard of Ohio, Michael Ubaldi, seen here (in the center of the shot) pondering the futility of his existence. After minutes of consideration and by a unanimous vote of one person (myself) saying “Yeah. Whatever. Why not”. it has been agreed upon to name the award after young Mr. Ubaldi ensuring him the kind of immortality one can only find on the internet. Therefore, we christen the award:

The Lingua d’Ubaldi

to be awarded every Friday (just like Kevin Drums cat blogging). Submissions should be made to my email with Lingua d’Ubaldi in the subject line. Selection of the weekly winner will be left up to me because it’s my blog. Each weeks “winner” will be posted here Friday afternoon, and will also be eligible to receive the mythical Lingua d’Ubaldi trophy, a lovely gilt rendering of a distended and tumescent tongue tied into a knot.

Do we have any rules? Of course we have rules:

1. Posts cannot include any bad words. Although we revel in talking about blowjobs, anal lube, and double-headed jelly dongs (see all Lynne Cheney posts) we run a family blog here, okay?

2. You can’t all submit Steven Den Beste quotes.

3. The offending post can be anywhere from one sentence to a whole paragraph. No more than that. I won’t be responsible for a plague of narcolepsy sweeping the country

4. I need the link for proof, you Jayson Blair-wannabes.

5. Nationally known columnists (yeah, you, George Will) are also fair game. After all, they get paid for it.

6. You can’t all submit Steven Den Beste quotes. (Just a reminder)

7. Yes, liberals are fair game. Something that sucks by any other name still sucks.

Just to prime your pump we offer this from our muse, Michael, from his Democratic Paraclete:

It is with much consternation and cast aspersions that the apperception of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein’s possession of biological, chemical and atomic weapons in Iraq has ruptured.

Top that…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....