Wrapping up the California Jewish Virgin vote

We hear that Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank will actually have an opponent this year. His name is Chuck Morse, a Boston-area talk radio host with no political experience. Why is Chuck, who favors the puffy-faced receding hairline look so popular with many radio hosts, running? Well, among other reasons, Chuck says

Individual rights:

The Declaration of Independence states, “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights” which means that rights emanate from “our Creator” not the State. Government exists to preserve and protect those unalienable rights.

Restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms should be minimal.
School Vouchers and/or tax credits.
English as the National Language.
Abolition of the Department of Education.
An evaluation of the size and purpose of all federal agencies

I believe that you can find “our creator” discussing these and many other interesting Constitutional issues in Galatians 2-4. So far Chuck’s candidacy has attracted the attention of these stock photo models and a certain little scamp from across the country who, unfortunately, can’t actually vote for Chuck.

“Talk-radio hosts running for office is a great idea — talk radio is gaining popularity,” Humphries observes. “But if you have a 10-share in the ratings, which is outrageously high, that’s only 10 percent of the population of the city. You’ve got a lot of people who have never, will never hear of you. Most of them are great guys, and it would be wonderful if they won. But they’re entertainers. Could they do a better job than most of these politicians? Yes. But it’s a different arena. I’m skeptical. Maybe it will change, but I don’t think that talk-radio hosts get respect — true respect — from the political arena.”

That could change. Michael Reagan, son of Ronald and nationally syndicated host, has been discussed as a possible candidate for the Senate. Nationally syndicated host Larry Elder of ABC Radio recently switched party registration from independent to Republican; many consider him a possible candidate. Senatorial rumors have surrounded Sean Hannity, ABC Radio’s syndicated talk-show host based in New York.

Morse remains optimistic for the future of talk-radio candidates. He’s looking forward to debating Frank, telling me to expect “some real wild and raucous debates.” At the very least, a solid Morse showing should solidify the trend of campaigning radio hosts. At the most, a stunning Morse upset could usher in a wave of talk-radio congressmen.

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