We’re all about ‘sanctity of life not ‘quality of life’….

Paying too much for much needed drugs? Lou Sheldon says too goddam bad, we got zygotes to protect you big whiny baby:

A Christian lobbying group fighting the proposed importation of low-cost prescription drugs has received behind-the-scenes help from the drug industry, the latest example of pharmaceutical companies trying to influence Congress clandestinely.

The Traditional Values Coalition, which bills itself as a Christian advocacy group representing 43,000 churches, has mailed to the districts of several conservative House Republicans this sharply disputed warning: Legislation to allow the importation of U.S.-made pharmaceuticals from Canada and Europe might make RU-486, called the “abortion pill,” as easy to get as aspirin.

The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) portrays its campaign as a moral fight for the “sanctity of life.” Documents provided to The Washington Post, however, show that drug lobbyists played a key role in crafting its argument and in disseminating the information to lawmakers. Pharmaceutical companies oppose the legislation — which would legalize the reimportation of U.S.-made prescription drugs that sell for less in Canada than in the United States — not over abortion but because it would erode their profits.


A recent TVC letter sent to Congress was signed by the coalition’s executive director, Andrea Sheldon Lafferty. It was originally drafted, however, by Tony Rudy, a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies and a former top aide to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), computer records show. Lafferty also circulated a memo — linking the legislation to RU-486’s availability — that was drafted by Bruce Kuhlik, a senior vice president at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), a trade group funded by the nation’s biggest pharmaceutical firms.

A Republican close to TVC said Rudy also helped arrange funding for the group’s direct-mail campaign, which targeted nearly two dozen Republicans even though they generally oppose abortion rights. Several Republicans said pharmaceutical companies, through their lobbyists, contacted other conservative groups, including the Christian Coalition, about waging a similar campaign against the reimportation measure. The Traditional Values Coalition was the only taker because several abortion opponents questioned the accuracy of the drug industry’s argument, according to lawmakers and conservative activists.


House Republicans were so offended by the mailings that they recently barred the TVC and its leader, the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, from attending future meetings of the Values Action Team, an umbrella group of socially conservative Republicans. “We stand united in opposition to the unethical and unacceptable tactics you have employed to force pro-life members of Congress to support your views,” Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-Pa.) said in a letter to Sheldon.

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.), an abortion opponent who was targeted by the TVC mailings, said in an interview: “It makes me so angry I could spit.”

It is unclear who paid for the direct-mail campaign, although several Republicans said drug companies were behind it. Rudy, whose clients include PhRMA and Eli Lilly, declined to comment for this story

Who knew hating the poor and the sick were “Traditional Values”?

Here’s a fun little tidbit about the Reverend Lou’s little crotchfruit, Andrea from the OC Weekly:

Daughter/trained parrot of the Reverend Lou Sheldon, executive director of the Anaheim-based Traditional Values Coalition. Like daddy, she just loves gays. Loves ’em! She has criticized George W.’s appointment of a miniscule number of gays to executive branch positions as “promotion of the homosexual agenda,” and decried a bill allowing gays the chance to adopt children as an attempt by “homosexuals to mainstream their lifestyle . . . and they want to showcase Rosie [O’Donnell], who’s become a household name. It’s no longer just bisexual; it’s transgender.” Crazy? You betcha. Mitigating Factor: She’s also nuts about science! Lafferty once told a conservative action group that doctors were using fetal tissue for such mad science as putting “human livers in monkeys to make monkey-humans.”


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