The bullet point presidency

As the Howler points out, the Administration kids aren’t doing their homework:

Who was right about the uranium matter? Here at THE HOWLER, we simply don’t know. (Note to readers: Neither do you!) But the notion that Rice didn’t read this entire report is, in a phrase, simply shocking. What exactly does Rice do, if she can’t be bothered to read 90-page reports—reports laying out the key intelligence which will take a nation to war? Again, the notion that Rice didn’t know what State said is, in our view, highly improbable. But if the briefer’s claim is taken at face value, Rice has committed an act of gross misfeasance. It’s bad enough that Bush didn’t read the full report. But if Rice didn’t read the full 90 pages—if Rice didn’t know what State had said—it’s clear that she ought to be fired.

I have to agree with Bob. I can’t think of one thing that Rice has done correctly since her appointment. From the days after 9/11 when she told the press that “We never thought…..” it’s been pretty obvious that, although she has a great deal of smarts, she is totally lacking in imagination. One would think that the National Security Advisor would take the time to read the WHOLE Intelligence Assessment before counseling the President on either his speech, or more importantly, going to war.

As its stands Rice should get, and read, the whole 90-pager, which should be condensed down to about thirty-six pages for Rumsfeld who should then knock it down to one page of single-spaced bullet points for Cheney. Bush? He gets about five words of it printed on the Map of the World placemat that comes with his lunch so he can color in the countries he wants to invade while eating his grilled-cheese and watching Sponge Bob.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....