You can tell Saddam wrote becuase he dots his i’s with little hearts

William Safire has solved the case of the 16 Words That Changed The Bushies World. Saddam put them in the speech:

5. He presumes that British and American journalists, after the obligatory mention that the world is better off with Saddam gone, would — by their investigative and oppositionist nature — sustain the credibility firestorm. By insisting that Bush deliberately lied about his reasons for pre-emption, and gave no thought to the cost of occupation, critics would erode his poll support and encourage political opponents — eager to portray victory as defeat —to put forward a leave-Iraq-to-the-Iraqis candidate.

You see, he forsaw exactly how the war would go, so he snuck into the Oval Office one night….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....