Blair lied, Kelly died

How conveeeeeeeeeeeenient that Blair was out of the country.

A mild-mannered British scientist was found dead in the woods on Friday after being unwittingly dragged into a fierce political dispute about intelligence used to justify war on Iraq

British police said they had found a body matching that of soft-spoken defense ministry biologist David Kelly, a former U.N. weapons inspector, who had been grilled in parliament over allegations the government hyped intelligence to justify war.

The political fallout was immediate. Prime Minister Tony Blair (news – web sites), who learned about the discovery of the body while flying from Washington to Tokyo, promised an independent judicial inquiry into the death if the body was confirmed to be Kelly’s.

But opponents called for Blair to return and face a broader probe into the case he made for war. The shock even sent Britain’s pound tumbling half a percent on currency markets as traders weighed the severity of the crisis for Blair.

George Bush’s Iraq problems look like a Fletcher Knebel novel. Tony Blair has a John LaCarre novel going on at home.



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