A spy in the house of geeks

As is our custom, the daughter and I will be attending the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. We’ve been going for six years now and I’m not sure how exactly it became a yearly event for us. Since neither one of us is really into comics or fantasy or SF, I think we go for the whole pop-culture aura that it exudes. Last year we had the opportunity to meet Todd McFarlane, Will Eisner, and Ray Harryhausen which was pretty cool, but I think seeing some of these people is kind of wasted on us since we aren’t what you would really call “fans” in the “fanatic” sense.

This years guests include Neil Gaiman, Angelina Jolie, Quentin Tarantino, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry as well as the usual assortment of cartoonists, fledgling cartoonists, artists, and writers both famous and nearly famous.

If you’ve never gone, its really worth the trip to San Diego. You haven’t lived until you’ve observed a group of 40-somethings decked out in full Klingon regalia and speaking in Klingon, while waiting in line for a convention center $4.50 hot dog.

Good fun. Good fun.



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