America haters and Saddam lovers

According to Frank Gaffney, anyone who questions the motivations and lies of the Bush Administration is just a Saddam-lovin’ surrender monkey:

Somewhere, probably in Iraq, Saddam Hussein is gloating. He can only be gratified by the feeding frenzy of recriminations, second-guessing and political power-plays that are currently assailing his nemeses: U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The hysteria surrounding charges that faulty British intelligence about one aspect of Saddam’s nuclear weapons program — and a Bush 2003 State of the Union allusion thereto — may even be emboldening Saddam to believe the unimaginable: He might yet survive (physically and perhaps politically) the current pair of U.S. and British leaders, just as he did their predecessors in the wake of Operation Desert Storm.

It is hard to believe that Americans of any political persuasion would actually want to gladden the heart of so vile a tyrant as Saddam Hussein, let alone to encourage those who seek his return to power. This is particularly true in light of the evidence of his regime’s odious predations that have come to light since Iraq’s liberation.

Unfortunately, such is the extent of the animus towards this President (especially among Democrats running to succeed him and their party’s left-wing base for which they are competing) that a concerted effort is being mounted to savage his reputation. The focus of this partisan attack, not surprisingly, is Mr. Bush’s stewardship of the one portfolio that has thus far seriously impeded efforts to unseat him — namely, his outstanding performance as wartime Commander-in-Chief.


The mischaracterization of the substance and import of George W. Bush’s most recent State of the Union address is bad enough. The hyperbole now being unleashed impugning the President’s credibility and integrity seems calculated to undermine his leadership at a critical moment.

It is all too reminiscent of the Left’s past, highly divisive attacks on the authority of the U.S. government — especially those associated with the Vietnam War. Now, as then, signs of declining popular appreciation of the legitimacy and necessity of the efforts of America’s armed forces will erode their morale. Similarly, the enemy will be encouraged to believe that additional, murderous assaults on Americans and their Iraqi partners will improve the chances for a restoration of something like the previous order.

You’ll notice here that Mr Gaffney has no experience in the military. He’s a “big picture” kind of guy.



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