We are at Stage 2.

Kubler-Ross described the Five Stages of Grief as:

and Acceptance.

Looks like Anger has taken center stage:

As part of their offensive, White House officials released new information to buttress Mr. Bush’s claim, attacked the credibility of his Democratic critics and accused the news media of a “feeding frenzy.”

After weeks of declining to disclose such information, Mr. Bush’s aides described a chronology that they said mitigated Mr. Bush’s citation of unsubstantiated British intelligence in his State of the Union address on Jan. 28. The president referred to the intelligence that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Africa to further a nuclear weapons program as one reason in making his case for invading Iraq.

Today Mr. Bush, personally addressing the issue for the fourth time in six days, asserted at the White House that questions about the evidence he used did not undercut his overall case for war.

At the same time, Mr. Bush’s political advisers pushed back against Democratic presidential contenders who have in recent days accused him of losing credibility on what had been seen as his strong suit, foreign affairs. The Republican National Committee issued a statement tonight asserting that “Democrats politicize war in Iraq,” while party leaders declared that Democrats did not have the standing to challenge Mr. Bush on the subject.

“The bottom line is this — what is their policy, what are they for?” Ed Gillespie, the incoming chairman of the Republican National Committee, said in an interview today. “We know what they are against, we know they don’t like the president. But what are they going to do?”

Next step…Bargaining: Say buh-bye, George Tenet.

After that…Depression.

But we see evidence of that every day.

If Iraq looks increasingly worrisome on TV and in the polls, the economy is even worse. CBS found jobs and the economy dwarfing every other issue, cited by almost four times as many people as cited Iraq or the war on terrorism. On that black Thursday for the administration, first-time unemployment claims pushed the number of Americans on jobless relief to the highest level in 20 years.

And the most troubling pictures on any of the three broadcasts were those of a line of cars, stretching out of sight down a flat two-lane road in Logan, Ohio — jobless and struggling families waiting for the twice-a-month distribution of free food by the local office of America’s Second Harvest. The head of the agency said, “We are seeing a new phenomenon: Last year’s food bank donors are now this year’s food bank clients.” Said CBS reporter Cynthia Bowers, “You could call it a line of the times, because in a growing number of American communities these days, making ends meet means waiting for a handout.”

We don’t need to accept this.



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