ESPN adds new blimp to football broadcasts

Oh yeah. This ought to go over real well.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh will soon be calling some signals for ESPN’s weekly football preview “Sunday NFL Countdown.”

Starting in September, Limbaugh, 52, will join the show’s line-up as the “voice of the fan,” delivering an opinion piece near the top of the two-hour telecast each week, the Walt Disney Co.-owned sports network said on Monday.

He also will weigh in three times during each show with a “Rush challenge,” offering a counterpoint to commentary from the program’s three regular analysts — former NFL players Steve Young (news), Michael Irvin and Tom Jackson (news).

The “voice of the fan” if you think of a “fan” as a rich overweight, radio hatemonger. There’s a demographic for you. He will ‘weigh in” with a counterpoint to three former All Pros based on his experience from….from….well, there was that pilondial cyst he had in his ass that one time. He could talk about that.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....