USS I Don’t Recall to set sail for somewhere…looking for its lost glasses that it thinks it left on the hall table…what time does Matlock come on?….ooooo! pudding!

USS Ronald Reagan to be commissioned tomorrow:

It will be months or years before the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan sees combat. Yet the ship already is no stranger to conflict.

The huge $5 billion warship, being readied for its commissioning Saturday at the Norfolk Naval Station, is the product of a long struggle.

Nine years ago, when critics in Congress questioned the ship’s relevance to 21st century warfare, the Reagan was nearly lost in a dispute between power brokers on opposite sides of the Capitol. In 1999, a 17-week strike at Newport News Shipbuilding — now Northrop Grumman Newport News — torpedoed work schedules and left bitter feelings between the shipbuilders and their bosses.

This spring, glitches in installing and testing ship systems forced delays in the Reagan’s sea trials and a two-month postponement of the commissioning ceremony.

After commissioning the USS Reagan will spend most of it’s time continuously cruising the Atlantic with its left blinker on, enforcing the Helms-Thurmond Hey You Kids, Get Off My Damn Lawn! National Security Act.



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