Fear of a gay planet

Sen. Rick Santorum (R- Humps Like A Bunny) has an op-ed in McPaper today opposing the concept of gay marriage, where he states:

In fact, I believe that Congress has an obligation to take action to defend the legal status of marriage before the Supreme Court or individual state supreme courts take away the public’s ability to act.

Every civilization since the beginning of man has recognized the need for marriage. This country and healthy societies around the world give marriage special legal protection for a vital reason — it is the institution that ensures the society’s future through the upbringing of children. Furthermore, it’s just common sense that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

There is an ocean of empirical data showing that the union between a man and a woman has unique benefits for children and society. Moreover, traditional family breakdown is the single biggest social problem in America today. In study after study, family breakdown is linked to an increase in violent crime, youth crime, teen pregnancy, welfare dependency and child poverty.

Of course, not one thing that he has stated has anything to do with gay marriage. Based on his argument, such as it is, he either believes that:

A) If gay marriage is allowed, traditional man-on-woman marriage will be outlawed.


B) The only thing keeping millions of men from abandoning their wives and children for a chance at a lifetime of hot gay sex, is that fact that they can’t get the paperwork that will make an honest man out of them.

Is Rick Santorum retarded? Not one of the “family breakdown” issues he mentions have anything to do with gays wishing to be married. Men and women will still get married. They will still have children. Some will even have many children like Rick & Karen Santorum, who have them so frequently her doctor finally gave her a velcro episiotomy. I don’t understand people who are so insecure about their own marriage that they feel that anything that supposedly “undermines the institution” is a threat to them. Is the fact that gay marriage isn’t sanctioned by the goverment the only thing that is keeping Santorum on the (very) straight and narrow?

The first question we have to ask is: What the hell is wrong with Rick Santorum? The second is: What is wrong with the people of Pennsylvania?

(Added): Looks like Andy at The World Wide Rant agrees.



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