This is your First Lady. This is your First Lady on drugs.

Looks like Laura had a big ol’ bowl of Chocolate Frosted Paxil-o’s for breakfast this morning:

U.S. first lady Laura Bush showed what she called the compassionate face of America on Thursday, meeting AIDS patients in Botswana on her husband’s whistle-stop presidential tour of Africa.

During a brief visit to Botswana, which is battling the world’s highest rate of HIV/AIDS, Bush and her daughter Barbara visited medical staff from her native Texas training at an AIDS care center set up with U.S. help.

“I hope what they are doing here, which I know they are, is showing people here in Botswana what the real face of America is like, how the compassion that Americans have for the people here, who are suffering with AIDS,” she told reporters.

Um. Okay.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....