Mississippi Doug Williams

A man who shot five co-workers to death and wounded nine others before committing suicide was upset about attending a business ethics training course at a Lockheed Martin plant, police said Wednesday.

Douglas Williams, 48, opened fire Tuesday morning during the course at the Meridian, Mississippi, plant, officials said. The course is mandatory for company employees, said Dain Hancock, president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.


Family members said Williams was upset about the course, according to Sollie, who also said allegations that the attack was racially motivated are under investigation.

Williams was white. Four of the victims killed were black, and one was white, Sollie said. Three of the nine wounded victims were black, and the rest were white, according to Sollie.

“This was the action of a sick individual,” said U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering, R-Mississippi. “If it is in any way racially motivated, the investigation will conclude that and present that.”

Rep. Pickering’s father, Judge Charles W. Pickering Sr. commented, “Ya know, If he had jest stuck to burning crosses this tragedy never woulda happened. Burning crosses. Now there’s a fine hobby for a man…”. Judge Pickering was then hustled away by White House Counselor Alberto Gonzales who was heard making shushing noises.



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