Is the bodybag half-empty or half-full?

When it comes to bone-headed statements, I think Glenn Reynolds may have set a new standard when discussing President Rose Garden Trash Talker’s comment to “Bring ’em on”:

It’s interesting. You may have noticed that although people are upset about acts of terrorism this weekend in Russia and Iraq and Pakistan, there were no attacks in the United States.

…proving that, like Andrew Sullivan, if a few American soldiers get killed in Iraq on a daily basis but Glenn feels safe at home, well, that’s a small price for the soldier’s family to pay.

As for David Warren’s laughable Flypaper column….

It more likely demonstrates the opposite. While engaged in the very difficult business of building a democracy in Iraq — the first democracy, should it succeed, in the entire history of the Arabs — President Bush has also, quite consciously to my information, created a new playground for the enemy, away from Israel, and even farther away from the United States itself. By the very act of proving this lower ground, he drains terrorist resources from other swamps.

This is the meaning of Mr. Bush’s “bring ’em on” taunt from the Roosevelt Room on Wednesday, when he was quizzed about the “growing threat to U.S. forces” on the ground in Iraq. It should have been obvious that no U.S. President actually relishes having his soldiers take casualties. What the media, and U.S. Democrats affect not to grasp, is that the soldiers are now replacing targets that otherwise would be provided by defenceless civilians, both in Iraq and at large. The sore thumb of the U.S. occupation — and it is a sore thumb equally to Baathists and Islamists, compelling their response — is not a mistake. It is carefully hung flypaper.

I’ll give Bush some credit in that he doesn’t “relish(es) having his soldiers take casualties”, but only in relationship to how their deaths may effect his re-election. To George W Bush, servicemen are just props to serve as background at safe speeches on military bases or for other campaign events like his farcical aquatic ceremony.

I want to thank Warren for providing a column of spin that reminds us that flypaper isn’t the only thing thats been known to draw flies…



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