I knew him back before he was a virgin….

Evan from The Scope writes:

That link gave me quite a laugh. Before I started irregularly blogging (The Scope) I had no idea that other people outside of UCLA had any idea who Ben Shapiro was. I was even more shocked, but not surprised, to find out that he was praised by conservatives.

As an undergrad at UCLA, I was entertained by young Ben’s hysterics every other week, when his column ran in the Daily Bruin. He quickly fashioned a persona for himself, as the lone brave conservative under attack on a campus that was a hotbed of radicalism and moral relativism. UCLA had, and nothing’s changed much since 2001, a couple of socialist groups, a fairly strong environmental coalition, and the random scattering of women’s, black, Chicano, and Asian Am groups. Me and other progressives on campus that I knew were always wondering where the radical professors that Shapiro was railing against were. The truth was, the political groups on campus, left and right, were a tiny minority and were ignored by pretty much everyone else. That was especially the case for the campus conservatives, consisting of Ben Shapiro and about ten other people.

Ben’s columns were treated as a joke by pretty much everyone, even apolitical conservatives. He was busy fighting his wars against the imaginary threats to society (I remember one column on a sex shop that had recently opened in Westwood Village, which passes as the college town off campus, with Ben writing that it would threaten the values of the students) while everyone else sat back and watched him froth at the mouth. Look how far he’s come now.


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