Bow down before the one you serve.
You’re going to get what you deserve

According to the Presidential Prayer Team’s Kid’s Page:

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.”

In the case of this report, it looks like the kneeling figure is Howard Fineman, and he isn’t praying:

Throughout this dark time, I nagged my White House sources, trying to glean what little I could about the president — his mood, his orders, state of mind. A few outsiders not in position to know (and who loathe his war policy for various reasons) spread word that he had grown snappish and weary. I think they were wrong. My sense is that he burrowed deeper into himself (and ran extra miles on the treadmill), steadily monitoring the war but never losing faith (or sleep) about his momentous decision to take out Saddam with a U.S-U.K coalition.

Why such confidence? I’ve written a lot about it. As a family, Bushes think they are born to lead. This particular Bush relishes decision-making. He picks people he trusts and trusts them to make the right call. He tends not to sweat the details, thereby avoiding the ups and downs of any one hour or day. His religious faith gives him a disciplined belief in the rightness of his cause. All the spin about his dedication to diplomacy notwithstanding, this is a guy who is more than comfortable at war. He likes the role of commander in chief. He’s more comfortable in it than any other presidential mode. The fall of the Twin Towers, it turns out, found a man in the White House who likes the idea of leading troops in battle.


Militarily, even the president’s harshest critics would have to call the war a success. But, for his part, Bush never took public issue with any of the nay-saying. He let it all play out. He stayed largely out of sight except for a series of quick forays to American military installations. The aim was twofold: to inspire the young troops and (though the White House didn’t say so) to inspire the president. It is, after all, a mutual admiration society. From top to bottom, the U. S. military loathed his predecessor, Bill Clinton. They seem genuinely to adore Bush. I saw this on a Thanksgiving trip I took with him to Fort Campbell, home of the 101st Airborne. When he arrived to speak to a sea of Screaming Eagles, they literally were screaming. The president, wearing a bomber jacket for the occasion, beamed like a man in his element. It was like a rock concert, star and audience as one.

If Howard was wearing a blue Gap dress when he wrote this, we wouldn’t even need a DNA test on the big stain. Some things in life aren’t a mystery.

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