Getting them up for the big game…

It’s all a game to Andy Sullivan, and why not? He’s gets to sit on the curb and wave his little pom poms while American soldiers go off to die. And if they didn’t have enough incentive other than keeping the world safe for power glutes, well, he’s got just the clipping to put on the clubhouse barracks wall:

The second thing I learn is that Osama still under-estimates American military power. He writes that America’s fundamental weakness are:

fear and cowardice and absence of the fighting spirit among American soldiers. Those soldiers are completely convinced about the injustice of their government and its lies, and they lack a fair cause to fight for. And they are rather fighting for the capitalist and interest hoarders, and weapons and oil merchants, including the criminal gang at the White House, which harbors crusader hatreds and personal hatreds from Bush the father.

If I were Tommy Franks, I would post that statement in every barracks I could find, alongside a picture of the World Trade Center. If that doesn’t mobilize the troops, nothing will.

Um, yeah. And if that doesn’t work we should go toilet paper their campus….

And people actually sent this guy $80,000 for crap like this? In a country that spends good money on Left Behind books and trips to Branson, why do I still find this suprising?

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