That self-inflicted wound looks infected

The National Review took a few moments away from promoting war and tax cuts for the rich (clarification: that is war for the poor and tax cuts for the rich. See? Something for everyone!) to delve into the mysteries of media bias. In “Jane, you ignorant slut” point-counterpoint style, they invited Eric Alterman (buy the book and decide for yourself) and Brent Bozell (make the check out to MRC, Mr. Scaife) to provide their respective arguments. Bozell’s argument isn’t anything that hasn’t been heard and refuted before (that’s his story…and he’s sticking to it, dammit) but right smack in the middle of his paint-by-numbers column sits….well, I guess what could be delicately called, a “shit hemorrhage of profound stupidity”. Ready for it? See if you can spot where L. Brent goes off his nut:

But wait! Stop the presses! Extra! Extra! Bias has been found! After all these years suddenly these same journalists are finding that a conservative bias — yes, indeedy, a conservative bias dominates the press because the Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh control the world, or something.

Assuming Fox were as conservative as liberals charge — and it’s an assumption I am not willing to make — it would now be one against CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, CNN Headline News, and on and on and on.

Okay, I gave you a little helping hand underline. From that point on, does Brent really think that anyone will take him seriously? Actually, was anyone ever taking him seriously before…?

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