Another frivolous lawsuit

…and of course, this Justice Department thinks it’s worth looking into.

Prompted by a complaint from the Liberty Legal Institute, a group of Christian lawyers, the department is investigating whether Michael L. Dini, an associate professor of biology at Texas Tech University here, discriminated against students on the basis of religion when he posted a demand on his Web site that students wanting a letter of recommendation for postgraduate studies “truthfully and forthrightly affirm a scientific answer” to the question of how the human species originated.

“The central, unifying principle of biology is the theory of evolution,” Dr. Dini wrote. “How can someone who does not accept the most important theory in biology expect to properly practice in a field that is so heavily based on biology?”

That was enough for the lawyers’ group, based in Plano, a Dallas suburb, to file a complaint on behalf of a 22-year-old Texas Tech student, Micah Spradling.

Dini denied him a letter of recommendation…not an education.

“The policy is not meant in any way to be discriminatory toward anyone’s beliefs, but instead to ensure that people who I recommend to a medical school or a professional school or a graduate school in the biomedical sciences are scientists,” he said. “I think science and religion address very different types of questions, and they shouldn’t overlap.”

As usual, God was unavailable for comment….

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