The reviews are in…and it looks like the show may close in 2004

Well, they weren’t impressed in Florida.

Tuesday afternoon President Bush held one of several key engagements in his run-up to the State of the Union speech. He had lunch with television’s big-name anchors and Sunday chat show hosts. The day before he met with big-name columnists. He was doing what he could to influence his address’ instant reviewers, who themselves would shape this morning’s water-cooler caucuses. But the schmoozer-in-chief won’t spin his way out a crisis of his own making.

The state of the Union is insecure and uncertain — not because of terrorism, which was last year’s fear, and not because of any new threat to the nation’s security. But because of economic policies at home and military adventures abroad that are bankrupting the nation’s treasury and moral standing in a twin plunder of unparalleled recklessness. The country is looking down the gutter of another recession and down the barrel of another war. For what?

Bush had no convincing answer Tuesday night.

But isn’t it helpful to know that George had snacks and beverages, prior to the speech, with the people who would be reviewing it afterward? This explains so much. To us it’s our future. To them it’s just a game to play and watch.

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