My ever diminishing respect.

I would truly like to think that Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) is basically a straight shooter. That he doesn’t just post comments in his blog to fill time between classes or producing CD’s by bands you will never ever hear of. But then he puts something like this up:

DOES SADDAM HAVE NUKES? ARE THE FRENCH SPYING FOR SADDAM? Trent Telenko has info on both. I’ve gotten some email from military folks suggesting the latter based on the behavior of French ships and aircraft in the Persial(sic) Gulf region.

If it’s true, paybacks should be severe.

The link takes you to this:

A friend of mine called me up and directed me to a thread over on the FreeRepublic.com on a Fox News Channel interview with a former U.N. weapons inspector named Bill Tierney. Tierney was a former US Army Military Intelligence Chief Warrent(sic) Officer who was recruited in 1996 as a weapons inspector. He made two highly charged accusation(sic). First, the French were spying on the U.N. weapons inspection teams by providing the Iraqis lists of sites to be inspected. Second, he is convinced the Iraqis have operational nuclear weapons.

In the interview, Tierney detailed how the French had a spy at UN HQ in NY who was caught rifling thru a desk that held the inspection site list and how a French inspector was caught passing info to the Iraq(sic). Tierney’s inspection team went as far as feeding the French spy phony sites they planned on searching. (Now you know why the Iraqis accused Tierney of being a spy!)

This article from Newsmax (really sick) excerpts the part of the Hannety(sic) and Colmes interview relating to Tierney’s nuclear accusation:

It then goes on with the Newsmax article (smirk) soon to be followed by this:

While, as mentioned previously, Bill Tierney was accused by the Iraqis of being a spy. That wasn’t what got him in trouble with the Clinton Administration. No, he was removed from the inspection teams for the “crime of proselytizing.” The following is from the Tampa Tribune Online: (my emphasis).

“The Clinton Administration.” Of course….

In my best Tennessee Law Professor voice: (ahem…cough cough…) “Indeed”.

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