Looks like Supreme Court Barbie just got put on the backburner.

Tort Reform. The current administration wants to crack down on “frivolous” lawsuits when it comes to product liability or medical malpractice. But what about frivolous lawsuits by corporations? For example:

Toymaker Mattel lost a Supreme Court appeal Monday over a mocking pop song that called the iconic fashion doll Barbie a “blonde bimbo.”

The high court did not comment in turning down Mattel’s request to reopen a trademark fight over the 1997 dance hit “Barbie Girl.” Mattel claims the preteen girls who buy Barbie dolls were duped into thinking the song was an advertisement for the doll or part of Mattel’s official line of Barbie products.

A five year old trademark fight over a doll and a pop song. That must be more important than a mistaken mastectomy, don’t you think?

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