He’s “thought-neutral”

Stressing his belief in “race-neutral” solutions, President Bush said Tuesday he would let the U.S. Supreme Court decide whether it is appropriate for a university to consider race in its admissions process.

Bush, speaking to reporters briefly after a meeting with economists at the White House, declined to say whether he thought race could ever be taken into consideration in deciding admissions.

“We’ll leave the courts to define the outer limits of the Constitution,” Bush said.

Leaving aside a general 5-4 conservative court, including one Justice who owes his college and professional career to Affirmative Action (you know who you are, Stephen Breyer…) lets cut to the chase when it comes to Too Dumb For Law School’s feelings on the matter of the Michigan case.

Outside of political considerations (the new, improved Southern Strategy with stronger “whitening power”), George W. Bush has given absolutely no thought to whether Affirmative Action is right or wrong. That would call for the kind of deep thinking that he reserves for such things as counting the change in his pockets or deciding what he wants for lunch. The guy isn’t interested in hard work, he never has been. He’s Wally from Dilbert, but with less personality.

Everytime I hear about Bush “focusing” on some important policy or crisis, I’m reminded of Peter Fonda’s comment about the motion picture studio executives when they first saw “Easy Rider“:

“They went from shaking their heads in incomprehension to nodding their heads in incomprehension”

That’s our Bush-baby.

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