Ted Barlow: Cultural Anthropologist with an emphasis on lightbulbs.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Ted Barlow has been collecting the absolute best in “lightbulb” jokes. Today it reaches it peak:

Q: How many Michael Kellys does it take to change a light bulb?

A. The conventional wisdom among the braying Washington elites is that the light bulb needs changing. But as sophisticated society works itself into a tizzy, it’s worth considering some facts. In 1999, when the light bulb was originally installed, it was apparent to all but the most cretinous observers that some day it would have to be replaced. There was only one responsible option: Destroy the fixture. But remember, this was also the era of President Beezelbub Clinton. Our repulsive leader was too interested in wallowing in his own filth to be distracted by such petty concerns as the continued existence of the nation. In the most disgusting act of perfidy in the history of mankind, the obscene boy-king installed the light bulb. Today, the liberal jackaninnies and simpletons that populate the media can be counted on to make their feeble defenses on his behalf. These witless apologists are nothing more than Golliwogs and Mugwumps. Bazzomba! Habblubaoa!! ZZHHablsibasap! …

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