Charles Pickering…meet Ronnie White. No, you can’t lynch him, Chuck…

Attempted lynching of privileged white guys shocks Republicans.

By renominating Pickering, the Republicans have proven that out of a nation of 150 million white adults, they still find it hard to find white guys who synchronize their watches to the year 2003. The Republican senators who cry that Pickering’s leniency is being unfairly used against him were the same senators who let John Ashcroft hang Ronnie White’s nomination for a federal judgeship from the Senate’s rafters in 1999. Ashcroft, now our attorney general despite his honorary degree from racist and homophobic Bob Jones University and his hero worship of Confederate leaders, grossly distorted and misstated the record of White, an African-American, as ”pro-criminal” when White had actually upheld the death penalty on the Missouri Supreme Court about as much or even more than his colleagues.

Even though Ashcroft all but lied, Hatch found White ”very troubling” and voted against him. Frist also voted against White. But for Pickering, who defanged existing hate laws for a cross-burner, Frist says he is ”eminently qualified.”

Someone should ask Bill the Cat Killer Frist why he voted against Ronnie White. I’m sure the media will hop right on this…

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