If we can’t steal the money…let’s steal the credit for nor stealing the money.

The Republicans are mighty proud of themselves for rolling back the Great Eli Lily Handout Act of 2002.

Republicans said Friday they would reverse a much-criticized provision in the Homeland Security bill that would limit lawsuits against vaccine makers

SENATE MAJORITY Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., who supported the original vaccine provision and said he still hopes to take up the issue later this year in more comprehensive legislation, said he would include the change in a fiscal 2003 spending bill the Senate will take up this month.

You have to go to the third paragraph to find out that the Democrats took the lead in this.

Next Monday Republicans are expected to pat themselves on the back for not raping all of the environment and for not crowning George Bush, Most Powerful Potentate and Warrior God of All The World…..at least not yet

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