I am an Army of One….I am also a hot throbbing hunk of manhood.

Looks like the Army is trying to get enlistments up again.

Television viewers in Webster were startled Monday night when a community access show about the U.S. Army was interrupted by roughly 20 minutes of explicit gay pornography.


The unscheduled programming found its way onto the air on Webster Cable Access 12 between 8 and 9 p.m., apparently during the middle of Army Newswatch, a program produced by the U.S. Army.

By the time Auger was able to get to the office last night, the pornography was off the air. Supervisor Cathryn Thomas said residents have told her the station apparently reverted back to Army Newswatch.

Callers to the Brother Wease morning show on WCMF-FM said that the gay porn program seemed to have a German military theme to it involving an older officer and younger men.

I remember that Hogan’s Heroes episode. It was something about Major Hochstetter, Newkirk, and a tunnel…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....