I’m back….

Just returned from Indian Wells where I was unable to make a decent connnection with my laptop to the Internet (mainly because I didn’t feel like doing any reformatting…I was on vacation, dammit!) so instead I spent a great amount of time by the pool reading books (remember those?) and watching my daughter order virgin daquiris and charge them to the room.

It appears that during my absence I received about 25 e-mails regarding an altercation between zizka & tapped which I still haven’t read through (I’m still on vacation, dammit) and it also looks like I had my 100,000th visit to tbogg as of today, which is kinda cool since I started this back on 9/19.

Since I didn’t look at a newspaper, watch the news, or have access to the internet, it’s going to take me a day or two to get caught up, but I expect to be back to full-time blogging by tomorrow.

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