How much do want 2+2 to add up to?

The check is in the mail. I’ll call you. Yes, I’ll respect you in the morning. No, that doesn’t make your ass look big. The Bush Administration uses “sound science”.

All lies.

Read this.

When psychologist William R. Miller was asked to join a panel that advises the National Institute on Drug Abuse, he thought he had been selected for his expertise in addiction. Then a Bush administration staff member called with some unexpected questions.

Did Miller support abortion rights? What about the death penalty for drug kingpins? And had he voted for President Bush?

Apparently, Miller said, he did not give enough right answers. He had not, for example, voted for Bush. He was never appointed to the panel.

Researchers are complaining with rising alarm that the Bush administration is using political and ideological screening to try to ensure that its scientific consultants recommend no policies that are out of step with the political agenda of the White House.

Administration officials say they are merely doing what their predecessors have always done: using appointment powers to make sure their viewpoints are well-represented on the government’s scientific advisory boards, an important if unglamorous part of the policy-making process. There are more than 250 boards devoted to public health and biomedical research alone, composed of experts from outside the government who help guide policy on gene therapy, bioterrorism, acceptable pollutant levels and other complex matters.

But critics say the Bush administration is going further than its predecessors in considering ideology as well as scientific expertise in forming the panels. A committee that merely gives technical advice on research proposals, as opposed to setting policy, has even been subject to screening, something the critics say was unheard of in previous administrations.

“I don’t think any administration has penetrated so deeply into the advisory committee structure as this one, and I think it matters,” said Donald Kennedy, past president of Stanford University and editor of Science, the premier U.S. scientific journal. “If you start picking people by their ideology instead of their scientific credentials, you are inevitably reducing the quality of the advisory group.”

The government has been taken over by by theological thugs and American industry whores

Thanks again, Ralph.

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