Multiple wars mean more employment opportunities. See: “Cannon fodder” in your local classifieds.

Now that Bill Frist has wrestled the conch shell away from Trent Lott, the Republicans are going to be a lot nicer to African-Americans.

The GOP is working on an agenda designed to highlight its commitment to minorities without reversing positions on issues such as affirmative action, The Washington Post reported.

Among the issues being considered are school choice initiatives, more assistance to inner-city charities and increased funding for minority programs. However, Republican sources told the Post that that agenda is not expected to offer many new ideas, but will rather repackage old ones to show how they help minorities

Same wine…new Senate Majority Leader.

Other ideas to help out minorities include eliminating taxes on dividends, a permanent tax break for the richest 1%of Americans, drilling in ANWR, and appointing Charles Pickering to the US Court of Appeals.

I sure that Charlotte Beers is already busily “re-branding” these issues for Karl Rove and Senate Majority Leader Cat Killer Bill.

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