Hearts and minds redux.

Remember the Viet Nam war? The one we lost because we didn’t win their hearts and minds?

Well. We’re starting out on the wrong foot again.

What Nahla Mohammed remembers from that day, however, is not the sirens or the jet planes, but running into her son on the street just after she finished shopping for supper. He asked what she would fix, she recalled. Meat, vegetables and soup, she answered. He headed off, anticipating the family meal.

Ten minutes later, according to a cousin who was there, a powerful blast slammed him to the ground as metal shards sliced through his body. Mohammed Sharif Reda, a 23-year-old mechanic married just two months and planning to build a house for his family, was among four people who Iraqi officials said were killed Dec. 1 in what they call an “undeclared war” being waged here in southern Iraq.

These are the people that are supposed to welcome us with open arms when we overthrow Saddam and take over the oil wells. But don’t worry about them. They’re just collateral damage. George Bush isn’t losing any sleep over them, and he won’t be part of the occupying force. Go back to sleep.

And if militant Islamists decide to restart attacks here in America, you can rest assured that George Bush will survive as he is whisked off to Nebraska or some other American backwater while the citizens of this country cower and die. All because he wants America’s oil that is under their sand, and he wants to gain revenge for his dad.

Everyone besides George Bush suffers because he has no heart and he has no mind.

Thanks again Ralph….

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