We’ll get rid of the logo…but we won’t give up our decoder rings…

I guess the idea that convicted felon John Poindexter is heading up the Bush administration’s domestic snooping service was creepy enough. Now it looks like they got rid of the all-seeing eye logo.

Best known for his starring turn in the Iran Contra Affair, Poindexter is now the man in charge of the Information Awareness Office—a data-mining/snooping project the Pentagon is developing via The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Perhaps you’ve noticed their delightfully creepy logo staring at you from this page.

The logo, in fact, must have been a bit too creepy. It’s no longer visible on the official IAO website

Not that this means that they will do less snooping. Thye just won’t wear the screened t-shirts and carry the tote bags with the logo on it anymore.

I feel better already.

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