Somewhere on the AM band…

Caller: “Hi Dr.Laura, I’m a long time listener, first time caller. I really love what a straight shooter you are, and the way you make people own up to their mistakes and turn their lives around”

Dr Laura: “Why thank you. Someone has to take the bull by the horns and tell people to straighten up and live right”

C: “I agree. Maybe you can help me.”

D.L.: “I’ll sure try. Talk to me..”

C: “Well, my mother was just found murdered in her apartment..”

D.L.: “That’s awful! You poor woman. You have my deepest sympathy.”

C: “Yeah, thanks. Actually we haven’t been that close for some time. In fact, it appears that she has been dead for months and nobody knew.”

D.L.: “…….You never attempted to talk to your mother during this time?”

C: “No. We don’t get along, and I have a very busy career and I just didn’t take the time. Besides we had some differences.”

D.L: “….such as…?”

C: “Well first of all, we are a devoutly religious family…”

D.L.: “That’s good…”

C: “But I got divorced and that didn’t settle well within the family…”

D.L.: “Didn’t you try and work it out? Do you have kids? You should have tried to save it for the kids…”

C: “But I wasn’t happy. Anyway, then there were those naked pictures of me all over the Internet…”

D.L.: “………………”

C: “All and all it was a pretty bad situation…”

D.L.: “Let me get this straight. Your mother was murdered months ago in her apartment and you had no idea until they just found the body. You’re deeply religious and have kids but still got divorced because you were too selfish and self centered to do what was right. On top of that, you willingly posed naked for a bunch of pictures that ended up all over the internet. Am I correct so far?”

C: “Yeah….I guess so…”

D.L. “You filthy ignorant slut. Have you no shame? You’re not fit to be a mother. You disgust me. You are a horrid person with no redeeming qualities and should have your children taken away. You know nothing about having a healthy relationship with your family. You obviously didn’t love your mother and your actions prove that you don’t give a damn about your own kids. How did you become this monster? I have to go throw up now…..”

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